You can add an integration with Mailchimp during the signup process or on the "Integrations" tab inside the product.

1. Click the "Connect" button

2. Enter your credentials. Press “Log in”

We are using the last version of OAuth, so we don't store any private data. It's 100% secured by Mailchimp. 

3. You're all set! The integration with Mailchimp is up and running. 

Tip: You can add as many tools as you want. In case you add a few ad tools, we will keep audiences in sync across all of them.

In the current version of Quokka for Mailchimp, we support these types of email campaigns:

- Regular campaigns 

- Automation campaigns

Now you can find all the campaigns sent from Mailchimp within the last 30 days under the "Manage Campaigns" tab.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line here at Intercom!

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