During the sign-up process, you will get to the "Integrations" section. 

Here you can find the whole list of available integrations. 

1. Click on the "Connect" button

2. Enter your API key and URL, press “Log in”

To find your API key and url, you can follow initial ActiveCampaign guide here.

Go to “My Settings” and select “Developer” from the left side menu:

3. You will see this page and it means you are all set! 

4. Now pick up the ad tool, in case you didn't do it before :)

Tip: You can add as many tools as you want. In case you add a few ad tools, we will keep your audiences in sync across all of them.

In the current version of Quokka, for ActiveCampaign we support:

  • Regular campaigns
  • Automation campaigns

If you have any requests for integrations or features, drop us a line in live chat!

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