During the sign-up process, you will get to the "Integrations" step. 

Here you can find the whole list of the available integrations. 

1. Click on the "Connect" button


2. You will see a link. Copy it.

3. Now go to your Customer.io dashboard and click on “Integrations” tab. Choose Email Activity Webhooks.

4. Paste the link to Webhook Endpoint and mark “Email opened” and “Email sent” as active


5) Click “Save”. You are ready to go! Come back to Quokka and connect your integration.

Tip: You can add as many tools as you want. In case you add a few ad tools, we will keep audiences in sync across all of them.

In the current version of Quokka, for Customer.io we support all the types of its campaigns.

Important: we are using webhooks for this integration. It means we will detect and update audiences only when you add Quokka as integration and send your campaign after it. 

If you have any requests for integrations or features, drop us a line in live chat!

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