During the sign-up process, you will get to the "Integrations" step. 

Here you can find the whole list of available integrations. 

1. Click on "Connect" button

2) Login to Facebook. We don’t store this data and we do not have access to it. It’s secured by Facebook. 

3) If you didn’t accept Terms of Service for using custom audience, you will see this popup. Click the link below, follow to Facebook app and accept it. 

4) Select the Ad Account you would like to use

5) You are all set! 

Tip: You can add as many tools as you want. In case you add a few ad tools, we will keep your audiences in sync across all of them.

Due to new rules of Facebook, you should connect your account to the business manager. You can do it by following the next steps:

  1. Go to  Ads Manager 
  2. Select the Audience tab
  3. Press Connect (here is a screenshot from my own account)

If you don’t have a Business Manager you can simply follow the instructions provided by Facebook. It takes only 3 minutes to create the new one.

If you have any requests for integrations or features, drop us a line in live chat!

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