As in e-commerce, you might have two main email campaigns.

The first one is about cart abandonment. What can you do with this? Obviously, send an email to people who added some items to cart but didn’t confirm the order. This can convert nearly 10-12% of users who dropped off. Due to Mailchimp research, the average email open rate is only 21%. Let’s do some calculations. If you get $50k in revenue from these emails monthly, it’s only 21%. In this case, you run ads based on people who didn’t open your email, you can achieve a 56% open rate. This is $132k in revenue! Twice as much with almost zero time spent. You know what this means, right? :) That's almost $1M in revenue annually!

The second is scarcity deals. You are trying to reactivate your customers by using scarcity. The calculation here is equal to the 1st point. Don’t spend money on ads based on people who already checked out your offer. Show it only to those who didn’t. There is huge competition almost everywhere in e-commerce, so it’s better to save your money and get more revenue at the same time.

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